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lately I have been noticing something that maybe I was just ignoring for a long time. I think I must have been turning a blind eye to it – because now that I have noticed it again I see it happening over and over and over. why do so many Christians feel the need to classify everyone or everything as Christian or non Christian? why in the heck would you ever say that you are having a casual Christian gathering or dinner? why would you ever tell someone that you are travelling to a place with one of your friends who is a non Christian? and my favourite – why would you ever tell someone that they should act like that because they are inside a church? somehow to me, this seems to add a certain stigma to being a non Christian, and that we look down upon these people and think we are better. how can this sound anyway but this way? why does this happen? some of my best friends are Christians and I would never consider saying something like this about them. why is this preface needed? do we want to sound smart in front of other Christians? do we think that it makes you more acceptable in their eyes? do we actually think god loves us any more then these people? what is the deal here? if you think that there is a barrier in place now without a person who happens to not be a Christian hear you say this – wait until they hear it. I would hate to know if I was not a Christian the way I was talked about. maybe we don’t think that it is in a bad way – but im not so sure that a way that makes others feel isolated and weird is such a good thing. I think it is way past time to stop making people feel like they cant come as they are. you don’t have to change to know Christ- he changes you. so why do we put these walls around us that keep the ones out who really need in? why don’t we try to stop classifying everything and start seeing people for who they really are. gods children.

anyway – I am heading to Poland this weekend with Linds. we are leaving tonight and coming back sometime sunday. I think it will be a great weekend. Krakow is supposed to be beautiful and I hope the weather holds up. maybe I will have some pictures to post when we return. and only 2 more weeks until tbone and bowers are gonna be here. I am really excited about that too. well – enjoy your weekend wherever you are. and if you have sunshine – enjoy some for me. I think my skin is turning greenish from not seeing it in so freaking long…

more things that make me smile...


lazy weekends reading anything
hugs from parents
new cakes of soap
staying up early
nice meals with amazing people
conversation that makes me think
blessings I don’t nearly deserve
amazing parents
thinking about what love is
seeing the blue sky
watching people smile or laugh
harmonica tram man
holding hands
friends visiting
sleeping in the dreary daylight
hugs from anyone
warm tea with honey and milk
music that makes me sing
awaking early to travel
receiving post
children being children
late night movies
cold cold pivo
most any kind of dessert
childhood stories
memories of friends and ignorance
unexpected phone calls
knowing i am loved in spite of everything

missing march madness


so just came to the stark realization this morning, that i have basically missed every bit of college basketball season for the first time in many many years. this is not something that is really easy to swallow. some of my fondest memories are of taking a 2 hour lunch break watching frantically the first rounds seeing if my picks were worth a damn. quite fun actually. but on a more positive note - i am starting to see more and more signs of spring poking his head through.

the weekend is over and the week is now underway. lately my weekends have been filled to the brim with good times and great company. late nights and amazing conversation. so the weeks are starting to kinda be a time of recovery. so much fun though. and i would not have my weekends any other way. i can always sleep when i am dead and i will enjoy the company that i have found as much as possible. after all you never know how long people will be in your life and when they may go. i just want to suck every drop i can outta things.



kinda starting to have my doubts that it will ever be warm here again. once again i walk out of my front door, only to find a nice blanket of fresh snow on the streets. needless to say i wasnt too happy about this at 615 in the morning going to my furthest class. oh well - life here continues to be good inspite of the cold. still not sure what i will be doing this summer yet - and is seems that there are constantly more factors being thrown in the mix. so frustrating - but i guess it keeps it exciting. so really - that is what has been going on. just teaching and living. visitors are starting to come and the next few months should not lack for excitement. i just hope spring really is on the way somewhere and did not get lost...


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