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your face...


oh god - help me i pray
i need to see your beautiful face

more than anything now
this sinner needs your grace

stumbling and falling
my legs grow tired from running

running from you
running to your arms

catch me please

where can i go
all i know is you

holy god - help me to see
your love for me

as i stare into your eyes
through my brothers on the street
help me to see

your face pieces...


is it really april already? the 11th? wow..

sometimes i am not sure if i am running from god or running to him. is it too much to ask for some sort of sign? i know - my time isnt his. or actually i guess my time actually is. where am i - and where has my year gone? confusion is starting to set in - as well as a few other things.

seems all i do is work. for what im not sure...

want to make a change, make a real difference. how? where?
(me, really god?)
love is real. i want to love everyone. love wins and love never gives up.
what is love?

life is questions that somehow i cant answer - not yet..
who can know?
people i meet - and deeper in love i fall in all ways.
children. gods, all.

laughter, tears. what is real? my insides are in pieces.
im a liar. a loser - but i know i am loved. beloved one am i.
the promise of you.
holding, standing, clinging to that.

leave me high. but please stay here with me.
where i am to go - only you know.


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